Addison Township offers a brush program as a service to residents in the unincorporated areas. The Township has not been directed by DuPage County to offer these services and the Township is not reimbursed by the County for the cost of supplying these services. Therefore, we ask for you cooperation in following the guidelines.

We have a brush chipper designed to chip those limbs and branches that do not qualify as YARD WASTE. Our equipment is not designed to grind small twigs and evergreen trimmings. Your garbage service will take yard waste and roots for nominal cost. IF IT CAN BE PUT INTO A BAG, THEN IT IS YARD WASTE.

IT IS EXREMELY IMPORTANT for the homeowners to follow the guidelines issued by the Highway Department in the spring of each year. These guidelines are for the protection of our equipment and in the interests of worker safety also helping to expedite the program.


April 11th thru April 15th

May 9th thru May 13th

September 12th thru September 16th

October 10th thru October 14th